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What is included ?

3 nights in a beautiful spacious home located in the forest of Hope Mountain. Delicious meals plus snacks every day. Retreat activities, group hikes, breathwork sessions, workout sessions, games.


What is not included?

Transportation, alcoholic beverages, personal purchases or items, travel insurance.


Tell me about the house and the rooms we'll be staying in.

Our retreat will be held in a beautiful and comfortable mountain home, offering stunning views, cozy bedrooms and fun ammenities. There are 6 bedrooms each with its own full bathroom with shower. There are 5 rooms with a queen bed and full bathroom and 1 room with a double queen bed, 1 single bed and full bathroom . Rooms are spacious and have outdoor access.


What are the differences between Full Room and Shared Room housing option?

In the Full Room option, it is one person staying in a private room with queen bed and a bathroom with shower. In the Shared Room option, it is more than 1 person staying in one room with a bathroom and shower in each room. There is the option for a private room with a queen bed that you could share with whoever you want . There is the option to have two queen beds in one room to share with someone else.


What are the difficulty levels of the planned hikes?

Hikes will cater to a range of fitness levels, from gentle nature walks to more challenging options. We will offer guidance and ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported.


Do you offer any discounts for early bird registration?

Yes, we encourage early registration to secure your spot and take advantage of our special early bird discount! End date for early bird is April 24th. Send us a message for more details.


Do you offer any discounts for couples or friends traveling together?

We appreciate you traveling together! We offer a special discount for couples and friends registering together. Send us a message for details.


How do we arrive at the retreat location?

The retreat location is nestled in the mountains, about an hour's drive northwest from Denver International Airport. We encourage carpooling to reduce our environmental impact and create a sense of community. We will create a group chat for registered participants to facilitate carpooling arrangements and share any associated costs.


Can I fly in and rent a car for the retreat?

Absolutely! We can provide recommendations on car rental companies near the airport. If you choose to rent a car, you can also connect with other participants in the group chat to see if carpooling is an option.


Do you have any dietary restrictions catered for?

Please let us know about any dietary restrictions you have during this registration process so we can communicate to our chefs. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and preferences. There will be a mix of vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat served. We will provide fruits and hydration, tea, juices, coffee throughout the day but if you like to snack, please bring preferred snacks for yourself.


Do I need any prior experience with breathwork to participate?

Beginners welcomed! Our retreat is designed for variety of levels, and we will provide clear instructions and modifications for every breathwork session.


What are the payment options for the retreat?

We accept various payment methods and are open to payment plans. One payment to reserve your spot and one payment right before retreat.

We hope this information helps answer your questions! If you have any further inquiries, feel free to drop us a message or check our website for more details.


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We understand that unexpected situations may arise, so we have established a clear cancellation and refund policy to ensure fairness and transparency for both participants. A full refund: within 48 hours of purchase. 50% refund: Up to one month (April 23rd) before the retreat. No refund: Within two weeks (May 9th) of the retreat. 

In the unlikely event that we BreathTribe are forced to cancel the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances, we will offer participants a full refund.

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